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Birth as a human being happens naturally, but one can obtain humaneness only by dint of strong effort.

Pt. Shriram Sharma

The same way a worm eats away the cloth, jealousy eats away man.

Pt. Shriram Sharma

Transform Ourselves the World will Transform,
Reform Ourselves the World will Reform.
Hum badlenge Yug Badlega | Hum Sudhrenge Yug Sudhrega ||

Pt. Shriram Sharma

Do not remain aloof or you will remain weak. Jute flakes twisted together make a rope which can tether an elephant.

Pt. Shriram Sharma

There is no greater virtue than to inspire someone to righteous action.

Pt. Shriram Sharma

Realize your value and have faith that you are the most distinct person in the world.

Pt. Shriram Sharma

Patron Founder

A sage, a visionary and a reformer, the Acharya initiated Yug Nirman Yojna - a movement for mass transformation. He lived a disciplined life of devout austerity, visited Himalayas several times and attained spiritual eminence.

It is time that we awaken, change our attitude and expand our sensitivities to the changing times by transforming our thoughts. Thought provoking - life transforming literature has been the basis of this mission initiated for transformation of era.

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